What is the digital signature platform?

The Digital Signature Platform allows you to sign documents or share documents with others to sign digitally on the platform.The Digital Signature Platform, which can be used by individuals or institutions and organizations, provides convenience to users by including all digital signature methods.

25m +

More than 25 million documents are signed using digital signature methods in a year.

100b +

More than one hundred thousand documents are sent digitally by tens of thousands of people every day.

₺150m +

By using digital signature methods, savings of more than ₺150 million are provided to the national economy.

All Digital Signature Technologies Under One Roof

In the Digital Signature Platform, which includes all available digital signature technologies, senders can decide on the method to be used. The process on the platform can be completed regardless of the signature technology of signatories and the nature of the document to be signed. 4 different types of digital signatures are together in the platform, biometric signature, e-signature, mobile signature and 2D (2D)signature are all under one roof.

Where does the digital signature platform help you?

The Digital Signature Platform, which can be used by individuals or institutions and organizations, will assist you in your digital signature transactions with all digital signature technologies in many areas such as Banking Transactions, Contracts, Supply Chain Management, Accounting Transactions, Official Correspondence, Expertise Transactions and Human Resources.

Banking operations

Perform all your banking transactions that require wet signature, save time and paper costs.


Do not waste time on contracts waiting to be signed at the desks of customers, managers or to be received from the cargo. Manage your contracts digitally and formally without the hassle of paper.

Supply Chain Management

From supplier contracts to purchasing processes, sign your documents with the digital signature method you want, request documents with digital signature from your suppliers, digitalize your processes.

Accounting transactions

Sign, send and archive all your documents digitally and with all digital signature options. Work efficiently and effectively without having to wait in front of a fax or search for documents between files.

Human Resources

Perform all your banking transactions that require wet signature, save time and paper costs.

Expert Opinion Transactions

Sign, share, verify and archive hundreds of documents with the convenience of signing a single document and with the digital signature method of your choice.

Official Correspondence

Through our user-friendly interface, manage your official correspondence from your own computer, mobile device or tablet without dealing with technical details (Java, .Net, AKIS) stay away from wasting time and stress.

How do I use the Digital Signature Platform? Which signing methods can I use on the Digital Signature Platform? Which digital signature type is right for me? How is security provided in the Digital Signature Platform?.. etc. You can contact us for any questions you may have.

It is a signing solution that can be used by individuals or institutions and organizations to share documents with others for digital signing or signing on the platform.

All documents signed on the Digital Signature Platform have the same legal validity as a handwritten signature with additional features such as time stamp and location information.

Documents signed with a 2D signature are legally considered as photocopy documents.

Documents that need to be signed or sent to another person to be signed are uploaded to the platform, or even if there is no document available, they can be created on the platform or uploaded to the system with the information of the person to be signed. The sender decides which signing method to use. Signatories are notified via sms and e-mail, and document access information is shared.

There are 4 different digital signature types. These are; biometric signature, e-signature, mobile signature and 2 dimensional (2D) signature.

Senders can decide on the digital signature method that can be used.

The signature type of the signatories and the nature of the document to be signed are important in choosing the signature type. (Here, you can differentiate between other signature types and where the 2D signature will be used.)

It is a signature technology tool that combines electronic signature and handwritten signature, protected by the most advanced security protocols for secure, fast and easy digital completion of documented transactions.

Electronic signature as stated in Electronic Signature Law No. 5070; Identifies electronic data that is attached to other electronic data or is logically linked to electronic data and used for authentication purposes. Electronic signature; It consists of letters, characters or symbols that guarantee, an information is transmitted in an environment that is not accessible to third parties, without compromising its integrity (in its original form created by the party transmitting the information) and verifying the identity of the parties, by electronic or similar means.

Electronic signature differs according to the signed text and is obtained by passing the content through mathematical functions and finding a value that is considered to be unique.

In other words, persons do not have a single signature as in a handwritten signature; instead they have keys used in signing.

It is a tool that ensures that electronic signature (e-signature), which is legally equivalent to a wet signature, can be issued reliably and faster through your SIM card with the service you will receive from your GSM operator.

Signers do not have electronic signature and mobile signature; If their phones and tablets do not support biometric signature, they can still sign in 2D (2D) through the platform. They can sign in the signature field on the document with a pen or finger gesture on touch devices and with a mouse on computers. Additional parameters such as location, time stamp are added to the signed signature and electronically sealed by the platform.

The data traffic between you and the platform servers is end-to-end encrypted. All shared information is masked in the platform database. Uploaded documents are asymmetrically encrypted from the first moment and stored encrypted until they are displayed again. Signatories can only access the links forwarded to their e-mail addresses with the authentication password sent to their phone numbers, thus preventing unauthorized access. Signatures and all other biometric data are processed in accordance with international regulations and added to the document in an encrypted form. Since this data is not kept on the platform, it is not accessible by platform administrators or anyone else.

In the Digital Signature Platform, data are processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applicable to EU Citizens.

Time stamp is defined in the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070 as "the record verified by electronic signature by the electronic certificate service provider in order to determine when an electronic data is produced, changed, sent, received and / or recorded". It is used to prove that electronic data such as documents, records, contracts existed before a certain time. Provides reliable time information to transactions in electronic environment. It can be used on electronic applications, official reports, contracts and all similar electronic data that need time information.

All documents produced by the Digital Signature Platform are stamped with a valid time stamp within the scope of the law numbered 5070.

When the signing process is completed, you can verify that the document was signed through the Digital Signature Platform by using the link on the document or the QR code (data matrix). You can upload your digital copy and verify it instantly without keeping a record in the system. Since the signing processes on the platform are carried out in international standards and with the most up-to-date technologies, you can also detect signatures and verify document integrity in applications you are currently using such as "Adobe Acrobat".

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